Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Nigeria

We are leading NGO for cerebral palsy treatment in India where parents and families regularly coming from different countries for CP treatment. In the last three years, we found that we served our best to families who came from East Africa, West Africa, and North for their child treatment. Now, we become a final destination and hope for cerebral palsy treatment in Nigeria and Africa.

Cerebral Palsy Child Treatment Came From Nigeria

Children with cerebral palsy need comprehensive & dedicated planning from a team of rehab personnel. these children need good quality rehab since a very early age. if not done at an early age then the child can develop sever disability. Similar things happen in Master Stephen. He had sever disability & sensory deficit. He was not able to perform any activity on his own. he had undergone botulinum toxin followed by intensive therapy for 6 months. in this 6 months, he had shown a wonderful outcome. Thanks to his mother for sharing her experience with us.


Testimonial of the mother came from Nigeria for their child treatment

Words of the mother after the wonderful outcome

She is thankful to Trishla Foundation for wonderful and excellent recovery in his child after cerebral palsy therapy and treatment.

“My name is Mrs. Attica, I am from Nigeria and I am here with my son. I am here in Trishla Foundation with my son Steven who is 5 years old and I got to know about his problem when he was 9 months and I have actually taken him home around my country and couldn’t get the result. I wanted since he was born. He couldn’t sit though he can hold his neck, he cannot sit properly. I got to know about Trishla Foundation on the Internet and while making my research, I was skeptical because I have gone around and wide, I have traveled to so many places with that solution. So, I contacted Dr. Jain and then he had laid down my son’s problem.

When I came to Trishla foundation, in February. I met with Dr. Jitendra Jain and my son couldn’t sit properly. His muscles are very tight. He is not able to walk. He has cirrhosis scissors gait. My son was given Botox injection by a doctor. After 2 days rehab therapy started and continuously in process day by day regular for a week. I appreciate their hard work, call me to Trishla Foundation. After therapy, he was able to sit properly, he was able to use his hands properly, was able to walk properly with Walker and also able to knee walk and crawl with little support.

I actually have a good experience here. There are a lot of activities which involved here and I am also very happy because he was able to do a lot of activity and lots of minigames which were introduced to him and he was able to participate yoga exercise was actually good for him, also it helps him in the balancing and I really appreciated all the programs they were actually organized here. It was actually good. I really find my enjoyed in Trishla Foundation, Allahabad. It’s filled with phone and I came alone it was not easy at first but with the people around me and Trishla Foundation member, the worker’s everybody supported us in their own way, I really appreciate every one of the supports and I am going home with a miracle on recovery very well.

I learned so many things in Trishla Foundation that parent support, hard work, confidence, etc can bring good recovery. Trishla Foundation has actually taught me a lot and which I am hoping o continue with every one of the bits, I have learned so much, I have lunch here. Thank you.”

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