Congenital Bone Deformity

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What is Congenital Bone Deformity and how should we prevent its occurrence?

Birth defects, or Congenital Bone deformity, or genetic disorder, are some of the words that strike like the last nail in the coffin for the future of a newborn. Words no parents should ever have to hear, or no doctor should ever have to utter. That is how a baby’s life with congenital bone deformity starts with a piece of bad news, but how it continues, will depend on your devotion and love for your child.

How Congenital Bone Deformity occurs?

A congenital bone deformity is a structural abnormality that occurs when a baby is developing in the uterus. Defects begin to take shape in the first quarter of pregnancy. It can affect any part of your baby’s body from the spinal cord to wrists and fingers.
Every child is special and deserves to be treated equally as any other kid. Congenital bone deformity is a very common congenital disability, especially in Asian countries but exists at a considerable extent in Western parts as well. It affects thousands of newborn every year according to a survey conducted under the supervision of the World Health Organization at a global level, to identify the similarities between children of different countries suffering from Bone disabilities.
While in some cases, a surgical procedure is the best option to correct the deformities while in other cases, treatment involves regular check-ups and expertise of different physicians with different specialists. However, in rare cases, parents have to keep utter patience to find a cure.

Preventive measures for Congenital Bone Deformity

•Birth defects, in most cases, are genetically associated diseases and not all birth defects can be prevented but we do have some preventive measures to enhance your baby’s chances to have a healthy body.
•Regularly visit your Doctor or nurse or a midwife during and after your pregnancy for excellent prenatal guidance to ensure a normal delivery.
•Quit any narcotic substances once you get pregnant. Your healthcare expert can offer assistance in quitting smoking, tobacco or even drug abuses.
•Abstain from alcohol. There is no safe amount of time to drink during pregnancy. If you’re planning for pregnancy, make sure to quite any type of alcoholic beverage including beer and wine as soon as possible.
•Maintaining a rigorous body shape and health are essential prior to pregnancy. If you’ve diabetes, then visit your physicians and take medication to ensure controlled diabetes.
•Always eat healthy food, fruits, and vegetables, as it will supply all vital nutrients and minerals to maintain your baby’s bone density.
•Take 400 micrograms of folic acid on a daily basis before getting pregnant and during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects.
•Consult your Gynecologists for prenatal exercises
•Take note if your family has any history of genetic deformity. Genetics play a vital role in some birth defects. Schedule a pre-pregnancy appointment with your doctor if you have concerns about it.
•Learn how to reduce risks of infections during pregnancy
•Do not overstress yourself. Abstain from laborious work such as heavy lifting, using stairs, cooking, and washing, etc.
•Ensure a proper sitting position using an adjustable chair with good lower back support and pillows or cushion. Bend at your knees not your waist even when you lift lighter objects.

Avoid these things:

•Avoid running on stairs or even plain surface as it may set the stage for accidents.
•Exposure to harmful substances
•Prolonged standing
•Heavy lifting, climbing, and carrying
•Excessive noise
•Heavy vibrations especially from large machines
•Excessive usage of phones and electronic devices
•Extreme temperature
However, today’s medical science and healthcare industry has evolved multifold and possess unparallel skills to even reunite a broken spinal cord. There are still some cases where the most brilliant of minds are clueless to solve the mystery of the disease. When it happens, all hopes are shattered yet parents struggle to provide their babies development support to cope. Parents can reach out to far away countries for specialized treatments whether it’s allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or Naturopathic. When all doors are closed still there are countless NGOs, Pediatricians and Public schools offering assistance for physically disabled children. Try to learn as much about the conditions as possible to help devise a plan to provide maximum comfort to your child. Your child must feel special to make him smile at you. That is all parents want to see.

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